• Jessica's Critters: No Swimming

    Aquarium Comic # 001

  • The Layer Grandma and I Share

    My grandmother's faith in God is strong even though her mind and strength fade.

    Watching her physical shortcomings tears my heart. But to admit I hurt feels like I've torn my protective layers. My sadness, anger, aloneness, and regret are revealed like an open nerve.

    Since eighth grade I've helped my mom with her parents. I love them. I pray for my grandparents every night and know God hears my prayers. Yet my requests do not stop or reverse the side effects of time.

    In December 2014 ...

  • Writing Tips: Creating Memorable Characters

    Do you still think about a character from a book you read a week or a month or a year or more ago? Why do you suppose you are still thinking about this character? Did she say something that stuck a personal cord? Did he act against his moral code - like a villain saving an innocent? Asking yourself these kinds of questions about the characters you have enjoyed or found interesting will help you build your characters. 

    These questions also help you hone in on what causes ...

  • Books and Memories: "Thunderhoof" by Syd Hoff

    Do you remember the first book you ever connected with? The one that whispered to you and kept you turning the pages without the help of a parent, grandparent, or guardian? For most avid readers, I think the answer is yes. I know it is for me.

    The book I first connected with was "Thunderhoof" by Syd Hoff. I found it on a table of books spread out in a hallway of my elementary school. I don't remember the name of the program that led to ...

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