Gifted with a Special Message

    Words paint a beautiful picture, bring to life rambling rivers, and colorful meadows. Words convey comfort and laughs. They teach us and relay news. Some news we want and some not. But the words we hear can't live on like the words we write.

    On the nightstands of many hotels, motels, and hospitals as well as on church and thrift shop shelves are Bibles. Today's bookstores hold copies of this precious volume because it still sells. On those same shelves are works by long-ago mortal writers likes Jules Verne, William Shakespear, and Mark Twain.

    Each of us, like Verne, Shakespear, and Twain, have been gifted with a special message. The message of hope. Our writings, like that of the authors of the Bible and other great mortal writers, connect with readers because they tap into this truth.

    So, when you're ready to give up on a writing project, pray over it. God's placed something amazing in it same as a sunset or babbling brook or the unusual way the light passes through gathering storm clouds. Inside our books, essays, and devotions, is the insight God intended.

    "Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will not pass away." Matthew 24:35 (Ignatius Revised Standard Edition: Catholic Edition)


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