• Writing Tips: Organizing with Color

    How do you organize your story ideas? For me, the best way to organize is with color.

    I'll use blue-inked pens or blue sticky notes to help me remember what questions I have about a story. (Why did the donkey steal the boy's hat? What is the importance of the hat?)

    Pink sticky notes or red-inked pens are often what I have forgotten when it comes to punctuation. (Did I remember to put quotes around the boy's explanation? Should I italicize the donkey's bray?)

    Yellow highlighting and sticky notes ...

  • Exciting News: Betty J. Slade's "Taming Wild Hearts" is available!

    I rate "Taming Wild Hearts" FIVE stars. It's a wonderful read full of suspense, horses, and romance! I can hardly wait for the sequel to find out what happens next to Luke, Bree, and Cinnarue the Curly Sulphur mustang!

    Book Blurb:

    NOVA BREE STEELE is on the run after witnessing a murder in San Francisco. She hitchhikes to a ranch in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in search of Joe Crawford, a good man she heard could help her.

    Modern-day cowboy, LUKE BARRETT, rescues a rare curly Sulphur . . .

  • What Do You See

    Drip. Drop. The rain patters against the metal roof and thunder rumbles. It causes the imagination to stir. In my writer’s eye I see a unicorn trotting through the droplets and lightening to a dry place. In reality, I see my mare playing in the rain. The beauty of reality beats the imagination.

    When I was little I marveled at the pictures of my gorgeous grandmother and my handsome sailor grandfather. Then I would look at pictures of a prince and his maiden ...

  • Exciting News: Cover Reveal for The Sun Still Rises Anthology!

    I am super excited to participate in the cover reveal for The Sun Still Rises, a charity anthology honoring the late Lani Forbes, author of the Seventh Sun trilogy. The Sun Still Rises is a collection of YA fantasy stories centered around the theme of having hope in difficult times, as Lani held onto her hope during her cancer diagnosis.

    I had the honor to meet Lani Forbes at the Realm Makers 2021 conference and she definitely shined light where others would see darkness.

    Synopsis: Light shines...

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